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Strata Dispute Litigation

Strata Housing is a unique and popular choice for residents living in cities like Vancouver as well as other urban areas of BC. This type of housing attracts many residents due to the convenience of its added amenities and overall property value. Over 1.5 million people in BC live in strata housing. Although it is often compared to condominium style residences, strata housing is unique for a number of different reasons. Each strata property is managed by a strata corporation, which consists of all the owners in the strata community. In many cases, this corporation is managed by a council of owners who do things like set the annual community budget and ensure the community adheres to the rules and regulations set by the Strata bylaws. For the most part, these councils and communities are able to resolve minor disputes themselves as they pertain to both residential or commercial disputes. In some cases however, legal assistance is required to resolve an issue, which is where a strata dispute lawyer will enter the picture.

Strata Dispute Lawyers

There are some cases where a strata corporation is unable to reach a resolution concerning a particular issue. For the most part, these cases involve an individual resident who is struggling to have a complaint addressed. Owners may require the assistance of a strata dispute lawyer when pursuing compensation for construction defects in their home or apartment. Other cases may involve issues such as a breach of contract claim. In cases like these, clients often require the help of a Strata lawyer who has a detailed understanding of strata dispute resolution as it is applied in BC, as well as the resources to take on a large entity such as a commercial developer or the strata corporation itself.

Strata Dispute Resolution

There are a few ways a person or group can go about resolving an issue in a strata community. Before taking a case to court or even to an arbitrator, a dispute can be resolved informally within the strata corporation. Things like minor complaints between residents often get resolved in this manner. For more extensive issues, council hearings can be requested, and for small claims up to $5000 strata council members may use the Civil Resolution Tribunal. In cases where claims exceed $5000, or disputes cannot be settled voluntarily by a council hearing, parties may then call for arbitration or a court hearing. In these cases, legal representation will be required in order to give yourself the best chance for success.

Ganapathi Law has proudly served strata communities in Vancouver and throughout Southern BC with sound legal advice and effective advocacy that has resulted in a number of successful claims. To learn more about how we can help you with your strata dispute, be sure to contact us to set up a confidential consultation today.

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