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The law is an expansive realm that contains many different areas where one can establish their expertise. At Ganapathi Law, we take pride in our legal expert’s ability to provide clients with expert support in a number of different areas. When it comes to advocacy on behalf of a client, there are two types of lawyers that most people will encounter. On one hand you may enlist the help of a transactional lawyer who’s job it is to provide expert counsel and advice on subjects like business deals and drafting contracts. On the other hand you have lawyers who specialize in litigation.

What is a Litigation Lawyer?

Simply put, a litigation lawyer specializes in presenting a client’s case in a court before a judge. Unlike a transactional lawyer who will draft a contract, a litigation lawyer will argue in your favour concerning how that contract relates to you and your particular legal situation. As a client, you will rely on the litigation lawyer’s expertise when it comes to presenting a case to a judge. This happens when there is a lack of clarity around an agreement or a contract, and you need someone to present your side of the business or partnership dispute. There are many examples of times where you can no longer rely on the expertise of a transactional lawyer, and will have to enlist the expertise of a litigation lawyer. The only thing that these situations will have in common is the fact that you will be presenting your case in court before a judge.

When Do I Need a Litigation Lawyer?

Lawyers find themselves involved in a number of different processes and procedures every day. Whether a person needs a will drafted, a business deal negotiated or a severance package prepared, they are going to need the help of a lawyer to make sure everything is completed properly and in a manner that won’t cause issues or future disputes between concerned parties. For the most part, these processes go smoothly. However, there are always going to be cases where parties find themselves at an impasse concerning a will or a contract or something of that nature. In those cases, a litigation lawyer is required.

A good litigation lawyer doesn’t always need to send disputes to court to reach a final settlement. Although the courts offer a final binding resolution to any dispute, there are ways settlements can be reached outside of court. Even if your litigation lawyer thinks a settlement can be reached before going to trial, they should always be prepared to apply their strategy in court. Either way, your litigation lawyer will be fully committed to presenting your case in a legally sound manner designed to appeal to a judge and secure a desired outcome for you.

If you’re in need of a litigation lawyer in Vancouver, Ganapathi Law can provide you the legal support you will need. To find out how we can help you, feel free to contact us directly at our Vancouver office to arrange a completely confidential consultation today.

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