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Settling Outstanding Issues Through Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is meant to set down in writing how you will interact with each other now that you are no longer a couple.

The precise terms will depend on your particular circumstances. At Ganapathi Law Group, in Vancouver, we can help you create a mutually beneficial agreement. We invite you to give us a call today to arrange a confidential consultation.

Helping You Avoid Future Conflicts

For couples with a short marriage, no children and no complex assets or debts built up, it may be the final document that ends their relationship and allows them to go on with their lives separately.

For couples who were together for a long time, or who have minor children or business assets in common, it may form a blueprint for an ongoing relationship, making clear their rights and obligations toward one another. It will need to be thorough and flexible enough to be useful through the coming years.

Your separation agreement should help you avoid future conflicts, not cause them.

While a court can make decisions about your relationship on your behalf, it’s generally much better if you come to your own solutions. You are both more likely to want to make your agreement work if you are both invested in it.

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Working Out A Resolution

Our lawyers will help you create a separation agreement that is:

  • Flexible: As your separation progresses, your job, income, health and relationship status may change. Children will grow and may have different needs as teenagers than they did as toddlers. You should discuss how you will adjust support amounts, custody and other parts of your agreement when necessary.
  • Fair: Your separation agreement should take into account the history of your relationship. This may include such factors as your backgrounds before the relationship began, your roles in the marriage, and contributions and sacrifices made in terms of finances and career opportunities.
  • Unique: Your family has its own needs, and one size does not fit all. It’s important to do what is best for your family, and not necessarily what is most commonly done.

It’s important to know your rights when negotiating and drafting a separation agreement, especially if your family has unique challenges such as international custody issues. However, it’s even more important to know your needs and priorities, so that you can craft an agreement that will meet them.

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