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Child-Centred Child Support

Child support is the right of the child. As a noncustodial parent, you can’t negotiate to avoid paying it, and as a custodial parent, you cannot refuse it on your child’s behalf.

The amount of child support is generally set by the government and depends on the income of the paying parent. You can easily access a child support calculator and see what you are expected to pay or receive for child support on a monthly basis. That amount covers basic expenses for the child, for food, clothing, shelter, education and a few other basic necessities.

For anything outside of those expenses, parents must negotiate a fair amount.

Ganapathi Law Group can help you negotiate for a fair and reasonable amount of child support, whether you are the paying parent or the recipient on your child’s behalf. We encourage you to give us a call today at our Vancouver office to discuss your specific circumstances.

Going Beyond The Basic Amounts

Our lawyers will discuss a number of issues that may be contentious for you, including:

  • Extraordinary expenses: If your child has special talents or skills, or special educational requirements, you may need to discuss who will pay for them. These may include things like extra coaching, expensive school trips, or tutors.
  • Adult children: If your child has special needs, or is enrolled in secondary education, you may need to decide how much each parent will be paying for and how much the child will pay.
  • Income: Sometimes parental income is difficult to determine. Income for small-business owners, or parents whose work is highly seasonal or dependant on variables outside of their control, may not be easily determined. You may also be in a situation where the parent paying child support hides or attempts to hide income in order to pay a lower amount of support.
  • Shared residence: If the children split their time between the parents, child support must be calculated differently.
  • Long-distance parenting: Occasionally the cost of having children travel to see their noncustodial parent must be factored into child support. Other interjurisdictional or international considerations may also affect support.
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