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Child Custody

Living Arrangements And Major Decisions

Who will live with the children, and have the right and the responsibility to make major life decisions for them, can turn into a very painful dispute even in an amicable separation where there are no other complications.

For families dealing with relocation, new partners and disagreements over finances, decisions about the children’s living arrangements can become overwhelmingly negative.

At Ganapathi Law Group, in Vancouver, we strive to keep the discussion positive and focused on the children. Call today to arrange a confidential consultation about your unique situation.

Making Sure You Understand Your Options

This may be particularly difficult when one of the parents lives outside of Vancouver — or even outside of the country. We will discuss how to reconcile long distances with custody, visitation and child support, and the different legal expectations of the other jurisdiction.

We will also discuss your children’s wishes and the effects of your parenting decisions on your lifestyles and your extended family.

Finding The Right Fit For You

Our lawyers can help you choose among a number of child custody agreements, such as:

  • Sole custody: The children live primarily with one parent, who makes most of the major decisions about their health, education and religious upbringing. In most situations, the parent who does not have custody is encouraged to spend as much time with them as possible.
  • Shared custody: The children divide their time between the parents, and the parents also share responsibility for major decisions. Custody actually refers mostly to the ability to make decisions about the children, not necessarily to living arrangements, so it’s possible to have shared custody even when the children live with only one parent.
  • Split custody: If there is more than one child, each parent may have custody of one or more of the children.
  • Other unique arrangements: You may decide to divide responsibilities your own way. For example, one parent may be in charge of the children’s education while the other focuses on their religious upbringing.
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