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Child Access & Contact

The opportunity to spend time with a child, to see him or her grow up, and to know what’s going on in his or her life is important.

Particularly when one parent has sole custody and lives with the children, noncustodial parents and their families may be very invested in any contact they have with those children. The courts encourage “reasonable” and/or “generous” access or contact. Custodial parents, however, may not always encourage as much contact as the noncustodial parents wish.

Ganapathi Law Group understands the point of view of both sides. We can help you work out solutions that protect your rights and the best interests of the child, whichever side you are on. Give us a call today at our office in Vancouver to arrange a confidential consultation about your case.

Putting The Child First

A wide variety of complications can arise when dealing with child access, either at the time of separation or as the separation progresses and children grow:

  • Long distance: Particularly for parents who have moved outside of Vancouver — or to another country — distance can pose a major complication. Travel costs may even end up affecting child support for children who need to travel internationally.
  • Logistics: If plans change often, access can become a nightmare for everyone, including the children. With help, most parents can work out ways to make the process go more smoothly.
  • Extended family: Some of our clients are grandparents and other extended family of noncustodial parents who are in danger of losing contact with the children. Anybody can apply for contact, and the court will grant it if it is in the best interests of the child.
  • Alienation: Children may express a desire to end contact with the noncustodial parent or extended family. While courts take children’s wishes into account, they also understand that sometimes one side or the other may be turning the children against the other party.
  • Abuse and violence: Children need protection from abusive situations, as well as from situations in which allegations are used as a bargaining chip in negotiations over access. You may also want to pursue supervised contact.

Working out issues surrounding access often requires as much counselling support as does legal advice. We will put your children’s best interests in the forefront and help you work out creative solutions for your unique situation.

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