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Child Legal Issues

Putting Your Children First

Many of the most bitter disagreements our clients have involve their children. They can be the most difficult matters to resolve, but are the most important to resolve constructively, for your children’s sake.

At Ganapathi Law Group, in Vancouver, we will make your children’s best interests the focus of everything we do. We will help you negotiate for the best resolution for your child-related legal issues and preserve family relationships if at all possible.

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Helping Parents Be Parents

Our lawyer can help you discuss a number of matters involving your children, including:

  • Custody: Also referred to as guardianship, custody refers to who lives with the children and has the privilege and responsibility of making major decisions on their behalf.
  • Access: Also called contact, this involves the time spent with the children by the parent who does not usually live with them. British Columbia’s legal system encourages the idea of protecting the children’s relationship with both parents. We can help you do that, or work with you if you are in one of the rare situations in which generous access is not advisable.
  • Support: Your children’s financial needs are important. We will help you work out support for them that is fair and reasonable.
  • Long-Distance and International Issues: All child-related issues can become more complex if the parents live far apart or in different countries. We will discuss how custody, visitation and support can be affected by long distances.
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