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Agreements That Put You In The Driver’s Seat

When you rely on a judge or other outsider to define your relationship, you may get directions that are perfectly within the law, but that ignore your family’s unique needs.

Making your own family law agreements puts you in control. Only you know what’s important to you as an individual, as a couple and as a family.

At Ganapathi Law Group, in Vancouver, we know how to help you put together a family law contract that suits your family and is clear, flexible, easy to follow and helps you avoid future legal difficulties. We encourage you to give us a call today to discuss your unique situation.

Finding Solutions That Work For You

We also know that finding your own solutions is also usually far less time-consuming and expensive than going to court.

We can help you create an agreement through:

Negotiation: Essentially, both sides come together with their lawyers to create a mutual agreement.
Mediation: A neutral third party (the mediator) helps the parties keep the negotiations focused and helps them find common ground.
Arbitration: Similar to regular court but faster and more informal, an arbitrator listens to both sides and decides disputes. This process is usually more individualized than involving the court.
Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb): This is a combination of two methods, in which the parties work their way through most issues through mediation and leave any unresolved areas to be decided by an arbitrator, who may be the same person as the mediator.

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Building Agreements

We can help you work through:

  • Separation AgreementsThis is an agreement to settle all disputes that must be resolved before you can go on with the next phase of your life. These include matters involving your childrenspousal and child support, division of property, and any other matters that are causing difficulties between you and a family member.
  • Prenuptial AgreementSometimes called marriage contracts or cohabitation agreements (for couples who are not planning to marry), these contracts usually cover many of the same issues as separation agreements, but are made at the beginning of the relationship instead of at the end.
  • Foreign Divorces: It is particularly important to work together to create a solid plan when your marriage and divorce involve more than one legal jurisdiction. At our firm, we have many clients who were married abroad, have married a non-Canadian, or who were married in Canada but are divorcing outside of the country. We are particularly comfortable with the Japanese legal system and have a large clientele in the Japanese community of Vancouver, and have acted for clients covered under the new Hague Convention agreement with Japan.

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