What is a Spousal Support Lawyer?

what is spousal support lawyer

Dealing with the effects of a separation or divorce is something no person should have to face alone. At a time where some major changes may occur in your life and the lives of your family members, it is important to ensure you have reliable representation. With help and guidance from a dedicated spousal support lawyer, you’ll be able to rest assured that your needs will be met as you move towards the future.

For same and opposite sex married and common law partnerships in Vancouver and throughout BC, spousal support requirements can vary depending on a number of different factors. The nature of each marriage or partnership that ends in divorce is often drastically different from one case to the next. Due to this fact, a person’s eligibility to pay or receive spousal support will vary depending on circumstances specific to their particular relationship with a former partner or spouse. In BC, the province’s Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) provide a starting point upon which to establish a basic framework for a couple’s spousal support payments. Beyond this initial framework however, there are a number of additional factors and circumstances that must be considered and properly applied to the proceedings by a legal professional with a specialization in spousal support agreements.

Without the guidance and support of a skilled spousal support lawyer, either party to a divorce runs the risk of ending up with an unfair, or inadequate spousal support agreement. Spousal support lawyers at Ganapathi Law will work with their clients to ensure they are able to navigate this complex process with security and confidence. It is our goal to ensure clients receive the very best representation when negotiating their spousal support agreements, so they can move forward with everything they need to be successful in the future.

Our spousal support team will work to provide clarity and understanding concerning the nuances of a previous relationship. We will help you understand how factors like the duration of your marriage or partnership, the presence of children and even your age and income level impact the final agreement. In what can be an extremely difficult or emotional time in your life, it is important to have a dedicated team of legal professionals working with your best interests at heart. To find out more about how the skilled and compassionate team of spousal support lawyers at Ganapathi Law can help you with your spousal support negotiations, be sure to contact us today.