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Successful co-parenting after divorce or separation is possible


Very few “feel good” stories find their way onto a blog about family law. However, two parents are showing that co-parenting after a divorce can work if the needs of the child are put ahead of everything else. Any British Columbia parents with concerns about raising kids after their marriage ends should read on and take note.

The story is spreading around the internet about the divorced mom and dad and their new partners. The pictures show four adults, all decked out in custom T-shirts labeled Mommy, Daddy, Step Dad, and Step Mom, and each sporting the number 37 in support of their 4-year-old daughter at her soccer game. The little girl’s two families want her to know they all support her, and want to show other divorced parents that it is possible to co-parent harmoniously.

The couple split in 2013 when their daughter was 8 months. Since then, both parents have remarried, and all four adults share in the job of raising the little girl. Her parents share custody and make all major decisions about their daughter together. All four adults agree that the keys are to put aside differences and act as a team in putting the child’s needs first.

For families without a history of violence or abuse, there may be a chance to work out child custody arrangements outside of a courtroom. By choosing mediation, or another collaborative method, parents may be able to make plans that meet each party’s expectations. A British Columbia lawyer who has experience helping men and women make custody arrangements and parenting plans may be the right person to contact for assistance during a divorce or separation.

Source:, ““It CAN work!”: Viral photo shows co-parenting at its best“, Kara Sutyak, April 21, 2017

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