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Research shows kids may suffer health issues because of divorce


The results of a study are probably not necessary to make people understand that ending a marriage can have an emotional and psychological impact on everyone involved, including the divorcing couple, their children and even other relatives. What may come as a surprise to some is that a high-conflict divorce can potentially cause physical health problems in children. Though the study was conducted far from British Columbia, the results may still be an eye-opener for anyone about to go through a divorce.

A team of researchers from two universities in Spain recently published the results of a study on the health effects of divorce on children. They studied 467 boys and girls age 2 to 18, some from nuclear families, and others from families split by divorce. The results showed that children who lived through a divorce were nearly twice as likely to have certain health issues than kids whose parents were still together.

Rather than put the blame on the divorce itself, however, the researchers believe that how the parents handled the divorce is what can cause the problem. The theory is that, when children are exposed to regular conflict and lack effective parenting and emotional support, they build up toxic levels of stress. This stress can manifest itself in physical ailments.

Any divorce, no matter how amicable, may cause stress to everyone in a family. By reducing the amount and degree of conflict, however, it may be possible to minimize the negative effects divorce can have on children. A British Columbia lawyer skilled with family law can help a man or woman navigate the tricky waters of divorce, and show him or her ways to make it a better experience for all.

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