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Research reveals trending divorce patterns


Like other life events, it seems that divorce filings follow a pattern. Researchers in the United States took a look at divorce filings, analyzing them for 14 years. The data revealed that more people in America file for divorce in March and August than at any other time in a year. Canada shows a similar trend; however, the nation’s divorce lawyers say couples in Canada tend to file sooner after Christmas than Americans do.

One sociology professor believes that the stress of the holidays can be an impetus for divorce. She added that since many people feel that divorcing during the holidays is inappropriate, they typically wait several months. The professor cites disillusionment as a factor for divorce when holidays fail to meet people’s expectations. The research team believes that the coming school year may account for divorce applications filed at the end of summer, especially for couples who have children.

According to a relationship expert, divorce rates are declining overall, largely because fewer people are getting married. Arguably, the most common reason for divorce appears to center on irresolvable financial issues. Another reason many people choose to divorce is because they have significant communication problems.

The current average Canadian divorce rate stands at 33 percent rather than the 50 percent that most people believe. Trends show that those who marry between the ages of 30 and 34 have the lowest rate of divorce. Surprisingly, data also reveals that those who spend a great deal of money on their weddings are more likely to divorce.

Whatever the reason for the current divorce trends, it is good to see a decline in the rate of filings. If you live in the Vancouver, BC, area and are considering a divorce, it will be beneficial for you to speak with a divorce lawyer before taking any definitive action.

Source: Global News, “August one of the peak times for divorce, research shows,” Patricia Kozicka, Aug. 22, 2016

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