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Protect your child during divorce with family law lawyer’s help

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If you are a parent in British Columbia who has made the difficult decision to file for divorce, you will likely have many questions about the process. Divorce is never easy, particularly if you have children, and knowing what to expect may make it easier. Most parents want what is best for the children, but during the divorce process, it is often difficult to control emotions and remember to consider the best interests of the children. Fortunately, at Ganapathi Law Group, there are experienced family law lawyers who will help you keep the focus on that issue, while also protecting your interests.

Many divorcing couples manage to communicate and negotiate other contentious matters but struggle to reach agreements over child custody issues. Our lawyers can assist you throughout negotiations to resolve problems and address all the pertinent child-related legal issues while preserving family relations. These issues can be more complicated if one of the parents intend to move away, and plans must accommodate long-distance or international parenting and visitation.

During negotiations, we will help with discussions related to guardianship or child custody to work out who will be the primary caregiver along with the responsibilities and privileges of each parent. Who will be the decision maker when it comes to health, school and religion issues can be sensitive issues to discuss. Access to the child must also be planned, and we will endeavour to help you draft a plan that will not jeopardise the child’s relationship with either parent — regardless of who has guardianship.

The British Columbia court typically calculates child support. However, if you and the other parent want to make additional financial arrangements to benefit the child, we will guide and support you throughout. You may want to be proactive and arrange a confidential consultation with the family law lawyers at the Ganapathi Law Group in Vancouver to get your questions answered and gain some valuable knowledge and advice about all the preparations you can take in advance to help smooth the divorce process.

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