Practical Resources for Children with Divorcing Parents

Divorce resources for kids teens

A divorce between parents can be especially difficult for the children in that family. Change is never easy for anyone, especially someone who may not completely understand why things are changing so quickly. During the divorce process, a child or teenager may have a lot of questions about the ways their life will change, and sometimes parents won’t always have the answers. The most important thing to remember at this time is to continue to communicate with children in order to make them feel included and important, despite the fact that there is so much going on around them that they cannot control. In some cases however, parents may need to draw on external resources to provide straightforward and compassionate answers to the questions their children may have.

The website known as provides a practical resource for families looking for answers and guidance as they navigate a divorce. There are separate sections for parents, teens and even younger children that are designed to provide simple answers to certain questions surrounding divorce. Children can gain an unbiased and comprehensive understanding of basic legal terms related to divorce, such as separation, custody, and mediation. Teens can get helpful advice about how to cope with the new realities of their lives after a divorce, such as increased responsibilities and how to better understand their parents from an emotional standpoint. Finally, parents can take advantage of this online resource to learn how to cope with the stress of a divorce and how best to communicate with their children and ex spouse going forward. These information guides are specifically tailored to divorce law in British Columbia, and include helpful videos and links to other external resources.

There are a number of supplemental video guides, DVDs, books and links to counselling services on the subject of divorce and how families can cope included in the resource section of Parents can take a look at videos from resources like the Justice Education Society and other legal education organizations from across the country. Each video or DVD comes with a brief description found on the website to give parents a solid idea of the topics covered. When the time comes to discuss separation and divorce in the family, it is a good idea to take advantage of as many resources as necessary to keep the process as stress free as possible. With help from practical resources found on, and the external resources included on that website, coping with a divorce in the family may become a lot less difficult that expected.

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