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Kids who experience a bad divorce more apt to be sick as adults


It sometimes happens that two spouses in British Columbia stop loving each other. Although they may choose to divorce, they never stop loving their children and wanting what’s best for them. Unfortunately, a divorce can wreak havoc on adults’ emotions, and sometimes they end up treating each other in ways they never thought they could. Sometimes, they just don’t speak to each other at all. Both of these scenarios are bad for their children, perhaps in a way few people would think possible.

According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, a rough divorce can affect a child’s health, even when that child has grown into an adult. Their study looked at 201 healthy adults, all of whom agreed to live in quarantine and face exposure to a common cold virus. The researchers monitored each subject for five days.

Those adults who were children when their parents separated and then failed to remain in communication with each other were three times as likely to get sick than were subjects whose parents kept in touch. The frequency of illness in the second group was about the same as it was among subjects whose parents did not divorce or separate. From this study, researchers infer that exposure to family conflict in childhood can cause health issues that still linger decades later. Other studies have shown similar connections between messy divorces and a heightened risk of poor health in children.

A divorce is never an easy thing to live through, and it is only natural for a certain amount of negativity to pass between spouses. It is important, however, to try to minimize children’s exposure to conflict before, during and after a divorce. A caring British Columbia lawyer can help a man or woman explore his or her options in hopes of finding a way to reduce the stress of divorce, and put in place an effective co-parenting plan.

Source:, “Parents’ Nasty Split Harms Kids’ Health for Decades: Study“, June 6, 2017

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