How Family Law Can Help in the Divorce Mediation Process

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Any divorce can be an unpleasant process. This is especially true when young children are involved. To help you navigate the complexities of a divorce at such an emotional time, it is often wise to enlist the help of an experienced family lawyer. Without the assistance of a family lawyer in Vancouver, you risk losing out on any assets that are rightfully yours, which can leave a deep feeling of resentment that resonates among the family in the future. To avoid this, you should make sure you are working with a family lawyer that is receptive to your needs, as well as the needs of your entire family.

Amicable Divorce Settlement

With an experienced family law attorney, you greatly increase the chances of reaching an amicable settlement that lets everyone move forward without undue resentment or ill will to one another. In cases where divorced parents end up in court, the ones who truly end up getting hurt are the children. With an experienced mediator, you can avoid the emotional stress and financial burden of a prolonged court case, as mediator fees are significantly lower than court fees. You also give yourself and your former partner the chance to exercise more control over the divorce process. With a mediator, agreements made are as legally binding as they would be in court, but the decisions are made by both parties together, rather than a single judge.

Peace at Home

It is usually the case that parents will remain living in the same household during a divorce process, which can lead to conflicts that should not be witnessed by children. For this reason alone, it is often best to seek out an immediate settlement rather than drag the process out in court proceedings. At Ganapathi Law, our expert divorce mediation team can help both parents find ways to cooperate with a mind towards reaching a fair and reasonable settlement. Our mediators are neutral parties, and are mostly there to ensure both sides are able to reach as positive an outcome as possible in the given circumstances.

If you are heading towards divorce, and want to reach a fair and amicable settlement in a short period of time for the sake of your children, you should contact the legal team at Ganapathi Law. Our mediators are here to work with you and your partner to reach an agreement that is acceptable for the entire family. We have a great deal of experience as family lawyers who work towards a settlement that prioritizes the entire family’s needs. To find out how we can help you keep your divorce proceedings fair and brief, feel free to contact our offices to arrange a consultation today.