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For many, thoughts turn to divorce during the holidays


During the time of year when most men and women in British Columbia are thinking about family gatherings, vacations and presents under the tree, there are some whose thoughts turn somewhere else entirely. For those who are unhappy in their marriages, the winter holiday season can be a very difficult time. It is not unusual to start thinking seriously about getting a divorce when the spirit of the holidays seems to be missing.

When things are already bad, the pressure of carrying on as if nothing is wrong during the holidays can take a toll on a person. It is no wonder that many men and women begin thinking about making a change during December. However, because most people don’t want to ruin the holidays for others, many people put off taking action until the New Year.

A study of divorce data in the United States between 2008 and 2011 showed a significant upswing in divorce filings in January. A second peak occurred in late March, and anecdotal evidence indicates increased activity in September. All of these time periods coincide with the end of seasonal holidays. Additionally, online searches for divorce terms shoot up by 50 percent during December and January as men and women get prepared for what may lie ahead.

Regardless of the season, making the decision to begin divorce proceedings is never easy. Nor is it a decision to be made lightly. Talking with a caring professional at a British Columbia family law firm may help take some of the worry and confusion out of handling this difficult but important time in a man or woman’s life.

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