Resulting Trust

What is a Trust? A trust usually takes the form of a written legal instrument that has an intended purpose in the distribution of money or property to someone who does not show as owner of the legal title. There are many different types of trusts some of which are not in writing. A resulting trust for example is usually … Read More

Should You Use a Trust Company as Your Estate Executor?

using trust company as estate executor pros cons

Planning your estate can sometimes involve a lot of serious thought when it comes to naming an executor. It is important to be aware of the level of responsibility you are putting on someone by naming them your executor. In some cases, people feel comfortable leaving their spouse, one of their adult children, or even a close friend and confidant … Read More

Why common-law couples should get a prenuptial agreement


Many people assume that a prenuptial agreement is only for people who are planning on getting married and they often don’t consider such an agreement necessary if they are simply in a common-law relationship. British Columbia’s unique Family Law Act, however, which treats common-law relationships similarly to marriages, means that a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement could be a very useful document for … Read More

Marital home a key part of property division


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in property divisionon Tuesday, May 16, 2017. If a marriage comes to a premature end, there will be many hard decisions to make before the two parties go their separate ways. In particular, the process of property division can be very difficult. The marital home is sometimes a divisive issue and may require sensitive handling. Some real estate agents now … Read More

Prenups and postnups: 2 ways to simplify property division


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in property divisionon Wednesday, March 15, 2017. When things are coming up roses, no one wants to think about one day digging up the garden. That’s a metaphor that is easily applicable to a marriage; when the romance is strong, divorce is not on anyone’s list of topics for discussion. However, coming to an agreement while … Read More

Divorce and family debt


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in property divisionon Thursday, October 27, 2016. Are you and your spouse on the same page with regard to divorce? Do you agree that this is the best way to move forward? Even if you hope to put this process in the past without any additional stress or arguments, it’s hard to say what the future … Read More

Protecting your property in the divorce process


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in property division on Monday, October 10, 2016. When many people hear about restraining orders, they often think of things like child protection orders. These court orders are meant to protect children when there are allegations of abuse or neglect. However, did you know that the British Columbia Supreme Court can make an interim order about your … Read More

How does property division work in British Columbia?


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in property division on Friday, August 19, 2016. The way property is divided for couples who are divorcing or separating in British Columbia is fairly straightforward in writing. However, as people in the midst of a divorce know, it can still be a frustrating and emotional experience. Under the Family Law Act, you and your spouse or … Read More