Help Your Child Feel Comfortable with Shared Custody

It is important for all children to have a well-established routine in their lives. This helps them develop familiarity and confidence as they grow up. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle in terms of both physical and mental health, allowing them to grow into healthier and well-adjusted adults. Unfortunately, there are times where a disruption to your child’s familiar routine … Read More

What is Grounds for Divorce in British Columbia?

spousal violence is grounds for divorce

In BC, there are two distinct statutes that govern the divorce process. The first is known as the Federal Divorce Act, and the second is BC’s Family Law Act. The latter statute was implemented in 2013 and is mainly focused on the safety of children who are part of a family going through the divorce process. In this Act, the … Read More

How to Tell Your Child About Divorce and Custody

Divorce is a difficult thing for families to deal with. It can be especially troublesome for children to understand why circumstances must change. One of the most difficult conversations you may have in your life will be explaining the reasons for divorce to your family. To reduce some of the stress and negativity surrounding this conversation, we have prepared a … Read More

How to start over after the havoc of a grey divorce


This article provides a brief look at why grey divorce is rising and how older divorcees can prepare. Nobody ever plans on getting divorced and even fewer people plan on getting divorced just as they are about to enter their long-awaited retirements. However, for many people divorce during or just before retirement is becoming a reality. As the Globe and Mail reports, … Read More

Is divorce more common for successful women?


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Friday, June 23, 2017. Several years ago, British Columbia fans of actress Sandra Bullock cheered for her Oscar win only to learn just weeks later that her husband was having an affair and their marriage was over. This is apparently a common theme among successful actresses, and some researchers wondered why successful women seem … Read More

Kids who experience a bad divorce more apt to be sick as adults


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. It sometimes happens that two spouses in British Columbia stop loving each other. Although they may choose to divorce, they never stop loving their children and wanting what’s best for them. Unfortunately, a divorce can wreak havoc on adults’ emotions, and sometimes they end up treating each other in ways they … Read More

Avoiding conflict during a divorce can help kids succeed in life


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Over time, two married people may decide that their romantic commitment to each other is over. Typically, a divorce soon ensues. What does not end, however, is the commitment both parties have to their children. A child’s best interests should always be met as well as can be during and … Read More

How to talk to children about divorce


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. For parents, there’s more at stake when a marriage ends than just their own emotional and financial needs. Children are just as affected by divorce as their parents, perhaps more so. It is impossible to keep children completely shielded from what’s going on with their parents, but there are some effective techniques … Read More

Research shows kids may suffer health issues because of divorce


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. The results of a study are probably not necessary to make people understand that ending a marriage can have an emotional and psychological impact on everyone involved, including the divorcing couple, their children and even other relatives. What may come as a surprise to some is that a high-conflict divorce … Read More

Successful co-parenting after divorce or separation is possible


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Very few “feel good” stories find their way onto a blog about family law. However, two parents are showing that co-parenting after a divorce can work if the needs of the child are put ahead of everything else. Any British Columbia parents with concerns about raising kids after their marriage ends should … Read More