Difference Between Civil VS Commercial Litigation Lawyers

commercial and civil litigation

In recent years, small businesses have become more and more popular.  People are opening up restaurants that cater to certain diets, or focus their menus on only specific ingredients.  The rise of the smartphone and the app has cultivated a field rich with opportunity for anyone to develop and sell a product and grow as new small-business owners.  As you … Read More

Are You a Teen With Parents Going Through Divorce? What to Expect

advice for teens with divorcing parents

Like most major life events, going through a divorce in the family will bring a lot of change. You may find at this time that it is hard to focus on anything but the way your family’s lives are about to change, which is completely understandable. To help you prepare for these changes and what they may mean for your … Read More

Canadian Law of Solicitor-client Privilege and Litigation Privilege

client privilege confidentiality

Solicitor-client privilege is a person’s right to refuse to disclose, and to prevent any other person from disclosing, confidential communications made with the person’s lawyer for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining professional legal advice or assistance.  This legal privilege is absolute, and of indefinite duration. The solicitor-client privilege has been firmly entrenched for centuries.  It recognizes that the justice … Read More

The Court After McLachlin


“It is difficult to imagine a Supreme Court of Canada without Beverley McLachlin. For 17 years, she was the court’s rudder, steadying 
it in choppy legal waters. So what happens after she’s gone? Appointed to the court by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as a puisne justice in 1989 and elevated to the top job 11 years later, Beverley McLachlin is … Read More