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Be mindful of children’s emotions during a divorce


Other than a death in the family, there may be no more emotionally difficult life event than when a marriage ends. For Vancouver parents, however, while it is important to mind one’s own mental state, it is equally important to protect the children during this stressful time. Divorce can be very hard on kids of all ages, but with some effort and understanding, it may be possible to come through with a minimum of emotional trauma.

Children are very aware of the mood in a room, meaning parents need to watch what they say to each other and about each other when the kids are around. Constant fighting between the two people upon whom they rely most can be confusing and upsetting. Fighting over the kids may be even worse.

Nearly all children want to be involved with both parents, regardless of the familial situation. Since the parents won’t be together, it is contingent upon them to arrange a schedule that allows both parents access to their child. Whatever arrangement or order is put in place should be strictly adhered to; children fare best when a regular routine is followed and they know what to expect in the days ahead.

After a divorce, no family is ever quite the same. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be unhappy, however. Parents who choose a non-confrontational path may be more likely to spare their children’s feelings and set the stage for a new life of co-parenting. The caring professionals at a Vancouver family law firm can help either spouse during this process.

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