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Avoiding conflict during a divorce can help kids succeed in life


Over time, two married people may decide that their romantic commitment to each other is over. Typically, a divorce soon ensues. What does not end, however, is the commitment both parties have to their children. A child’s best interests should always be met as well as can be during and after a divorce in British Columbia. Failing to do so can derail scholarly ambitions later in life, according to one study.

Parents with at least one child under 18 make up nearly a quarter of all divorces in Canada, according to data from 2011. How those parents handle their divorce may seriously affect the lives of their children, or so say the authors of a 2008 study from the United States. Their data showed that children whose parents had a difficult divorce were twice as likely as kids whose parents split more amicably, to struggle with poverty and to get into college or university.

Professionals in the field believe that it is not the divorce that has the most potential for a negative impact on children; rather, it is how their parents handle the divorce and interact with each other that may affect them the most. Children need support and reassurance that everything is going to be okay, even if things are not going to be the same. Instead of fighting with each other, or over the children, it is recommended that parents find a way to work together respectfully.

Men and women pursuing a divorce in British Columbia have many choices to make. One of the most important is what sort of divorce they want to pursue. Opting for mediation, or arbitration, for example, may lead to less conflict than a litigated divorce. An experienced lawyer can help a man or woman make the right choice given the circumstances, and then be there for support and counsel throughout the process.

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