Are You a Teen With Parents Going Through Divorce? What to Expect

advice for teens with divorcing parents

Like most major life events, going through a divorce in the family will bring a lot of change. You may find at this time that it is hard to focus on anything but the way your family’s lives are about to change, which is completely understandable. To help you prepare for these changes and what they may mean for your life going forward, feel free to take a look at what to expect as your parents go through a divorce. While it is unlikely that all of these things will apply to your life specifically, some changes may come as less of a shock if you are aware of the possibility they may occur.

Living Arrangements after Parents Divorce

One of the first changes you’ll likely experience is a change in your previous living arrangements. More often than not, one of your parents may move out after the divorce is finalized. This will mean that you may have to start splitting time between two households on a regular basis. The amount of time you spend with each parent may be equal, or it may vary from time to time, depending on what agreements your parents make over your custody and their access to you.

Financial Realities of Divorce on Teens

You may not be able to live in your old family home with either parent, as both may see fit to move on to a different or smaller living space. Running a large home on a single income is more difficult to maintain, so you may notice some changes in your parent’s finances. You may not be able to buy as many new clothes for school, or order takeout as often as before. It may come to the point where you will have to start contributing more around the house than before. Whether that means being more proactive at completing chores around the house or contributing financially from earnings at a part time job, your parents may need your help through this transition.

Consistency to Help Through Difficult Times

Although your parent’s divorce is a major change, there will be some things you can expect to remain consistent in your life. Your parents will always still be your parents, and they will always love you and want to make sure they do their best for you. Like anyone, your parents will be emotionally affected by their divorce, and you may experience times when they act sad or angry, or just seem totally distracted. This is normal too, and certainly doesn’t mean they love you or care for you any less. You are still you, and you are still a person they care for.

Moving Forward After Parents Divorce

Change is a part of life. You may have heard that before, and you’ll probably hear it a lot more in the future, but that is only because it is always true. What varies is how we as people choose to deal with the change in our lives. It can be stressful and depressing to have to deal with the realities of divorce, but sometimes even difficult changes can lead to positive circumstances in the future. After a divorce, you may notice the amount of tension and hostility between your parents decline significantly, which should come as a relief for them and you.

Even if you don’t feel much positivity moving forward after your parent’s divorce, its okay to give yourself a break from the stress. Take some time to build yourself up by doing the things you like to do, and practicing good self-care. Take some time to yourself to re-read your favourite book or binge watch your favourite show or go out with your friends. Taking the time to care for yourself is important too, so don’t feel like you have to ignore your own needs in favour of someone else all the time.

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