How Family Law Can Help in the Divorce Mediation Process

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Any divorce can be an unpleasant process. This is especially true when young children are involved. To help you navigate the complexities of a divorce at such an emotional time, it is often wise to enlist the help of an experienced family lawyer. Without the assistance of a family lawyer in Vancouver, you risk losing out on any assets that … Read More

In Which Province Does Probate Take Place in Canada?

will testament probate province

Probate is the approval process that takes place in Canada which validates your will and confirms the appointment of your executor. This process is usually undertaken by an experienced legal professional. With their help, handling probate is usually straightforward, although highly detailed, and ensures the government receives all necessary taxes owed when the will is executed. Sometimes however, this process … Read More

Resulting Trust

What is a Trust? A trust usually takes the form of a written legal instrument that has an intended purpose in the distribution of money or property to someone who does not show as owner of the legal title. There are many different types of trusts some of which are not in writing. A resulting trust for example is usually … Read More

The Law of Constructive Trust


What is a Constructive Trust? A constructive trust is an equitable remedy for someone whose money and/or sweat have gone into a venture without having been adequately compensated. It gives a person a claim in a property or business even though he or she is not shown on title as an owner and there is no written agreement. The following … Read More

Are You a Teen With Parents Going Through Divorce? What to Expect

advice for teens with divorcing parents

Like most major life events, going through a divorce in the family will bring a lot of change. You may find at this time that it is hard to focus on anything but the way your family’s lives are about to change, which is completely understandable. To help you prepare for these changes and what they may mean for your … Read More

Practical Resources for Children with Divorcing Parents

Divorce resources for kids teens

A divorce between parents can be especially difficult for the children in that family. Change is never easy for anyone, especially someone who may not completely understand why things are changing so quickly. During the divorce process, a child or teenager may have a lot of questions about the ways their life will change, and sometimes parents won’t always have … Read More

Canadian Law of Solicitor-client Privilege and Litigation Privilege

client privilege confidentiality

Solicitor-client privilege is a person’s right to refuse to disclose, and to prevent any other person from disclosing, confidential communications made with the person’s lawyer for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining professional legal advice or assistance.  This legal privilege is absolute, and of indefinite duration. The solicitor-client privilege has been firmly entrenched for centuries.  It recognizes that the justice … Read More

What is a Spousal Support Lawyer?

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Dealing with the effects of a separation or divorce is something no person should have to face alone. At a time where some major changes may occur in your life and the lives of your family members, it is important to ensure you have reliable representation. With help and guidance from a dedicated spousal support lawyer, you’ll be able to … Read More

Special & Extraordinary Child Expenses in Vancouver

special extraordinary child expenses post divorce

Communication between separated spouses during divorce proceedings is often limited and managed by the counsel to each party. It is important during this process that both parties remain open and honest about details like child expenses with their respective legal representatives in order to avoid complications down the road. In cases where Special and Extraordinary Expenses are a factor, the … Read More