British Columbia Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuits and Limitation Periods

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With the amount of quality legal articles available on the Internet these days there is a surprising lack of information concerning civil sexual assault lawsuits in British Columbia. Perhaps it’s because this topic can be considered taboo, or perhaps it’s because there are relatively few lawyers who are experienced in prosecuting these types of claims. Whatever the reason, I thought … Read More

The Court After McLachlin

“It is difficult to imagine a Supreme Court of Canada without Beverley McLachlin. For 17 years, she was the court’s rudder, steadying 
it in choppy legal waters. So what happens after she’s gone? Appointed to the court by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as a puisne justice in 1989 and elevated to the top job 11 years later, Beverley McLachlin is … Read More

Why common-law couples should get a prenuptial agreement


Many people assume that a prenuptial agreement is only for people who are planning on getting married and they often don’t consider such an agreement necessary if they are simply in a common-law relationship. British Columbia’s unique Family Law Act, however, which treats common-law relationships similarly to marriages, means that a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement could be a very useful document for … Read More

Self-representation: Stressful, expensive and time-consuming


Self-representation is becoming more common in courts across Canada. While precise figures are not always easy to come by, the problem of self-represented litigants is a serious issue, especially in civil and family courts. In some Canadian courts, the number of self-represented litigants now exceeds 80 percent. Although it can be tempting to deal with one’s divorce alone, a number of studies … Read More

How to start over after the havoc of a grey divorce


This article provides a brief look at why grey divorce is rising and how older divorcees can prepare. Nobody ever plans on getting divorced and even fewer people plan on getting divorced just as they are about to enter their long-awaited retirements. However, for many people divorce during or just before retirement is becoming a reality. As the Globe and Mail reports, … Read More

Family law: Intervention in child abuse is possible


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in Family Law on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Child abuse in British Columbia is more prevalent than what people may think; in fact, the frequency of it happening is quite alarming. While the public is becoming more aware of the telltale signs and the procedures to report suspicious or confirmed cases to authorities under criminal laws, the … Read More

Is divorce more common for successful women?


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Friday, June 23, 2017. Several years ago, British Columbia fans of actress Sandra Bullock cheered for her Oscar win only to learn just weeks later that her husband was having an affair and their marriage was over. This is apparently a common theme among successful actresses, and some researchers wondered why successful women seem … Read More

Kids who experience a bad divorce more apt to be sick as adults


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. It sometimes happens that two spouses in British Columbia stop loving each other. Although they may choose to divorce, they never stop loving their children and wanting what’s best for them. Unfortunately, a divorce can wreak havoc on adults’ emotions, and sometimes they end up treating each other in ways they … Read More

Avoiding conflict during a divorce can help kids succeed in life


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Over time, two married people may decide that their romantic commitment to each other is over. Typically, a divorce soon ensues. What does not end, however, is the commitment both parties have to their children. A child’s best interests should always be met as well as can be during and … Read More

How to talk to children about divorce


On behalf of Ganapathi Law Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. For parents, there’s more at stake when a marriage ends than just their own emotional and financial needs. Children are just as affected by divorce as their parents, perhaps more so. It is impossible to keep children completely shielded from what’s going on with their parents, but there are some effective techniques … Read More