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If you are facing divorce or some other family law issue, you are probably dealing with emotional and financial issues as well as legal ones. You want to do this with your head held high, and it is wise to do so with help from an ethical law firm that has your back.

At Ganapathi Law Group, in Vancouver, we are that law firm. As a family-centered practice, we focus on the preservation of family relationships as well as our clients’ best interests. We will guide you effectively through the legal process of separation and divorce.

Our lawyers have the legal skills and expertise to help you achieve your objectives. We handle difficult and challenging family disputes throughout greater Vancouver and British Columbia. Give us a call today for a consultation about your particular circumstances.

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What Is The Best Way To Resolve Family Issues?

Our family lawyers can handle all aspects of your divorce. Whether it is simple or complex, our focus will always be on finding the best way to resolve the issues you face.

This includes:

  • Family law agreements: We will help you negotiate and draft clear, concise agreements that set out the relationships between all parties involved. Whether you need a prenuptial/marriage contract, cohabitation agreement or separation agreement, we can guide you toward a flexible, comprehensive contract that protects your interests.
  • Children’s issues: Some of the most contentious and difficult matters in a separation have to do with children. Whether we are dealing with child custody, child access or child support, we will help you put the interests of your children first, particularly if the parents no longer live in the same city or country.
  • Spousal support: Our lawyers can help you determine a fair amount for you whether you are a payer or a payee.
  • Property: We will explore your options when it comes to separating your assets and debts, including all real property, investments, pensions, business interests and any assets located outside of the country.

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